1st day and last part. Success

Yay, I did it :) I was supposed to write 1,666 words per day and I made 1,739. And here's the last part of the day. If you read this, please comment. Don't mind mistakes, I'm not a perfection in English and that's not the point.
For the first time Melissa has visited her godfather's house at the age of ten years. Her mother brought her, who feared that her daughter here will not like it after all, bored in the city, but around here just salty water and wind. Nearby was just a lighthouse. Little girl like there right now. When I arrived, she immediately ran out of the car and rushed into the arms of godparent’s. ''Welcome''he said on arrival and laughed his infectious laugh. Already in the afternoon they both sailed into the bay a boat. Melissa was hanging on to the edge of the boat and listening closely to the story of a local nature. She probably had been to the sea, and knew that it was as great or even greater than in the lagoon, but the sea was usually wavy and she could not believe that they are so easy to sail and the waves does not try to remove them in his bosom. ''Have you ever seen tern?'' he said suddenly. The girl shook her head, her red hair, it seemed that it agrees with the host. ''Look''. He nodded his chin on her and the girl saw a flock of terns facing them next. ''They think that we are fishermen and they will be able to get the fish.'' Terns have been countless tens, because they constantly pass through each other competing, which is itself first. They began to spread more noise and Melissa for their comparison with the large flock of bees. ''Seagulls little to distinguish from the people, because they are fighting each other for survival, or just for a tasty bite. As a result, they start behaving loudly, maybe even chopped one another, if they could catch others.'' That evening, they climbed into the attic and open the window looking at the lighthouse light. Moreover, the full moon shone, and the picture was fantastic. ''What do you think about this place?''He said, girl's baptism. ''I love it here! Much better than where I live.'' ''I am glad to hear it.''They were both silent and everyone counting their lucky stars.
Melissa did not understand when asleep. She was still on the loft and found the hands of the notebook, and then suddenly went down surrounded by memories and dreams they insensibly changed. She dreamed a woman silvery hair, covering her like a cloak, and her clothes were simple. In fact, they looked completely worn out, as if to comply with the last joint. The woman said something to her, but Melissa did not hear anything because the wind was raging around. Awoke to hear the rain drops falling on the roof. Lamp had possibly blown, because it was not turned off, but she was most surprised that she did not cought a fever while sleeping like this. She came down again and shut the attic, but bring with her the first notebook. Decided without waiting for anything to read them all. First of all boiled water for tea, which was pulled from her backpack brought from, which she took everywhere with her. Still believed find any link, or a straight answer about what is said of Magna, but there was just a lot of memories, which irrigated the eyes, and tips on how to take care of little house that he withstand such conditions. Her heart was very warm. It felt like to hear the same words of wisdom, which never gotten boring to her.


Lil' Kay said...

Congrats and good luck with the novel! :) I guess I need to skip this NaNoWriMo because of difficulties in real life but I'll be sure to read your novel! :)

Almantina said...

too bad you won't be writing this year, but I hope everything will be good for you.