Phewwww, you can't believe how relieved I felt I won't have to do PE anymore. Physical Education, which is compulsory for first-year's too~, but dunno yet about next semester...
But don't envy me, it's because of my lesft knee trauma I didn't asked for back then, but it did helped me.
What a day! Received a letter from Tiia- I was hoping it'll come this week. She's one of my first pen pals and a very good friend. Her envelopes are always decorated or from beautiful sets. Might be a creative person, anyway~
What else I found thta I love about her is that there's different stamp with each time and they all are amazing! Finland so far has the most interesting variaty of them and I can't wait to see the next one :)
Moreover, I got three pictures. Simply beautiful~
After getting away from PE, I went to nearby shopping mall, a huge one and went to shop I already love- tiimari. All hail Finland! :D
I bought these adorable Christmas cards for my friends

And a pack of 20 green envelopes, just for Christmas too.
Finally, I had a fun evening at my friend's place with warm kakao, pie and books and listening to my old casettes where I had chances to laugh out all the stress. Ate mandarins too- feels even more and more like that special upcoming time...
Tomorrow I have no lectures, so I'm going to my village in the morning. And now I have Starry Sky ~in winter~!!!!!
I wish I had more happy days like this :D
I hope you all having a great time too and looking forward to another weekend!
Love, AlmantÄ—


Maria said...

Beautiful Christmas cards and a very looong letter.Happiness is made of little moments like the ones you mentioned...time with friends, books, hot cocoa,letters, nice stamps :D and so on..

Almantina said...

Thank you :) I hope my friends will enjoy poscards.
I agree, such moments always stay on my mind for long time.