Day 4 Part 1

gosh, no good weekend, going to lectures tomorrow too ><

Melissa with Magna gradually became friends, spent a lot of time together talking about everything. About the location and population, food production, and herbal products, and finally, about life in general. Melissa slowly reviewed all the boxes and she was visited by all the memories, and learned a lot again. The autumn season was hit and one week it was raining continuously. Magna has brought cloves and all the house got full of their smell.
''Winter is coming, what are you planning to do?''Asked. ''I do not know.'' ''I have no doubt that you have a job...'' ''I feel no desire to return there.'' ''Do not talk so selfish'' Magna rebuked. ''In addition to yourself in this world you need to think about the people surrounding you.'' ''I have no family, so I'm just as independent as you'', said Melissa. ''Even if you have not created the family-you are not an orphan. At least you have a family, where you can come back, so do not forget it.''

Finally winter came with sudden blizzards. The weather was like in the Arctic. It was the time to stoke the shoulders, so Magna, one morning she brought firewood and kindled the oven. Melissa was surprised to feel the heat when she awaken. Then, when she was chastened by Magna, called home and had a long talk with her mother, but she did not told her to go back home and she did not.
Winter came to the concerns. One man froze to seriously in icy wind that bited him savagely, and she learned that Magna is also a local doctor. The old woman invited Melissa to perform the role of assistant and together they banded the man to warm him up, prepared compresses and brooks hot broth. This girl had a useful experience when faced with life challenges. In the evening, she felt worn out like clout, which she had to put a poultice on the man's body.

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