First update of my NaNoWriMo novel

Only 211 words, but I better of start to do that seriously in the morning. I'm not productive at night xD

Part 1
Her fingers holding the stearing wheel were white and her eyes reflected the sunset glow. Ride is short. the baptism of his father's death to move into his house decided to itself, because this place was it meaningful. She have spent much of her childhood and teenage years, so she could not allow that the house would accrue to any rich bussinesman. Hut stood on the land, deeply intrusive into the bay. Parallel to it, on the other horn, a lighthouse stood.
 Melissa was overwhelmed. From a young age, she was cold-blooded and accumulation, never behave impulsively attack, but all carefully calculated. But now, just hearing the words''should be decided what are we gonna do with a little house ...''  immediately intervened on her mother's and father's mother's baptismal dialogue stating that she is staying in the house. Dear! her mother was surprised and looked at her only child a daughter, puberty, though she would be just fifteen years old and would have said that tonight brought her boyfriend, who is eighteen. But the old woman just looked at her with tears in the eyes of glittering diamonds and nodded, and then burrow in her old-fashioned bag of artificial skin, and pulled out a small rusting key. ''You know better''only said.

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