You gotta find someone new...~

Naming this post after Eskobar's song and wanting to share envelope I made and letter written to a Australian girl, with who I hope to become pals.

I'm not standing in one place, but moving onwards. I have lost pals, but instead, found better ones in their place and soon I hope that I'll be surrounded only by those who know the value of the stamp and that it's better to pay a little more, but send a letter full of words from the heart, instead of paying the usual price and sending more like a fax than a letter. I'm learning fast and built my values in a short period of time.
Interpals is where I started of, but now I'm thankful to the Penpalling and letters group on Facebook and to Julie's project of pen pal interviews and pen pal ads where I found new interesting people I could not resist contacting. Thank you and let's move on foreward.

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