Thursday-postcard day

I received a first postcard from Miyuki, who kindly agreed to exchange postcards with me. Here's the photo of the card.
The most popular view of Mt. Fuji.
I also bought postcards for exchange. Here they are:
 This is a modified picture of two Vilnius' symbols: Gediminas Castle and Tv tower. Tv tower is much further, so it looks small from this distance in reality.

St. Ann's Church, built in 1495-1500.


Lizzie H said...

Oh wow, reminds me that i should buy some postcards of Småland, and the cities around our village :)

Almantina said...

Would love at least one of those <3

GotThatSwing said...

The views in the poscards look familiar :D

Lil' Kay said...

That Fuji card is AMAZING! >3<

Almantina said...

GotThatSwing, I believe in you xD