Outgoing mail, late post

I haven't posted any of the lastest mail and here are some of those I took pictures of.
Mini package to Norway and letters to Croatia and Malaysia.
Gift sent to German pen pal. I thought this little angel is cute.
Decorated the back of the envelope to Swedish pal, with a picture from Spirit of the Cimarron. That movie always makes me cry.
Letter and envelope decorations, to Hong Kong.
I'm sure all of this mail reached its destination.


GotThatSwing said...

I love the envelope with horses:)

Anna Maria said...

I've got your letter last week or week before, already wrote an answer. I just need to go to the post and send it to you. I wasn't able to go before because of the snow T_T but this week I will go to the post for sure and send you and answer.
Greets from Croatia,
your friend Ana