I don't need a date when I have my pals who sent me love from kilometres away and that's what reached me today from Lily who lives in Finland. Not very far away thought.
This amount of love could be for whole year.
Package had a perfect color too.

Horse bag! <3 How can I not love this?
What's inside?
A Hell(xD) Kitty table tennis player-phone starp, Alice in Wonderland pencil and Rilakkuma badge. Also, her dorse necklase...
...already wearing it.
Tea <3 Tried new one-Faithful Friend and had 3 cups of it while reading the letter.
FB swap.
A bunch of stamps, many many new :3
Pillow sheet. Strange there's only one small picture on whole facture xD
FMA Brotherhood DVD first anime dvd, even if it's two eps only :-O
Kuroshitsuji Xmas card

J-pop CD :-O
Inside Naruto envelope there was cards and photos. Horses! Had to take without flaslight too.
Holy...Amy and Tim letter sheets, all different.
Vampire Knight :D
Aw, envies with Alice in Wonderland.
Photos from London. Hidden ones with her. Those blue lights are so freaking beautiful <3

Here's the letter from person saying her letters are awful. To write 18 sides with that small writing is trully a perfectionism. Is there going to be someone first who'll agree with her? Or me? I say that this is incredible.
So much love is what I needed today. Now I'll be quiet and study that boring morphology and lexicology(Linguistic is not my thing, I'm into Literature more D: )


Lil' Kay said...

Happy to hear that you liked it :) I was a bit unsure right after I posted it since I'm SURE I forget a million things I was supposed to write.. (I always have a list of things I want to talk about or tell but usually it disappears at some point while writing the letter :S)
I'm not sorry for being a perfectionist ;)

Lil' Kay said...

And you said that you don't have that many letter papers so I thought I could send you some ;)

Lizzie H said...

Oh my gosh! That horse bag is so awesome! And the stamps.. And the necklace.. AND EVERYTHING! Haha x)

Almantina said...

Everything is awesome, indeed :DD it doesn't seem like you forgot anything too. wait until my reply XD

Michi the Daydreamer said...

I'M BEING JEALOUS. *is being jealous* For both you who received it and Lily - who has so much money to make such presents!

Almantina said...

ohohou, Michi, surprise to hear from you here. Don't worry, there are people jelous of you too, if that me=akes you feel better. And I wish I would be someone others would feel jealous of.