Friday-three letters;write down your problem to solve it

Hi guys :D It's Friday, so let's try to widen up those smiles somehow and let's forget that Almantina has anime to catch up and homework to do, which gets in the way of watching anime :D
And so, today my mailbox was very pleased to have these three adorable letters.

Let's start with a first answer from Brazilia. My first letter was travelling there few months, probably due to some political problems in her country, but finally I have received a reply.
These gifts inside.
Stamps with a cute fella Hector Consani. I know I've seen him before :D
And a postcard. Sure, that IS a great building, but I'm not Catholic and they are just pretty buildings of some ages.

Montserrat- it is absolutely a beautiful island, in the Caribbean sea, belongs to Spain...This I got to know only today and only from google. What for?
I have no idea why someone in USA thought Lithuania is in Montserrat and first sent letters there. I guess they didn't found me there(or finally checked the map) and that's how after about two months I received the tea my pally sent me.
I haven't received this for long, so I thought about telling her, but forgot. Twice. Yesterday when I remembered, wrote her asap. And what do you know? The problem was solved, as soon as I written it down. It came today. 
Tea! The top envelope has got my favorite Genmaicha tea. Yummyness~

Xmas card! Never too late for those :D

And the stamps.

For the last person I should make a new post or even a whole blog to write down all the thoughts about her.She never cease to surprise me, this time it was very moving...
The stamp says it came unglued. Like this? My USA's pal's letter came with a bag, after someone probably checked it a little, but wasn't pleased with tea, so didn't take it. Now they thought to try looking here as well. And dropped halfway. I made this up xD
Here we go~ A decoration of...Riegel, I think that's this character's name, on the front of the envelope.
A letter art I need to keep learning and learning from. This was her longest letter so far, it took me nearly hour to read, because I was enjoying it.
Getting to the best part-can you guess what could be inside an envelope, made of an old paper with Polish letters and this red ribbon? That was her heart. Not the anathomic one, but something else.
Originals, all of them. Michi, my beloved pal did an exception for me and sent her works of improvment from
2007. They are trully peace of art and mark my words, art fans will hunt her drawings one day. This is what moved me. I was entrusted with her amazing creations. And so loved.
I wish you all the best mail. Let's learn together and teach others. Every time, when I receive something like this, I feel full of inspiration and new ideas in my head. Let my pen pals judge what I will come up for them. Snail mailing should make us become more cultural, intelligent persons. Will you join me in improving?


Lizzie H said...

Michi's drawings are amazing! So envious right now, haha. And the flower stamps are so pretty, i wonder if we have stamps like that here..

Almantina said...

You once used flower stamps. Quite many of them, actually ;D

Resuri said...

Beautiful drawings! *v*