Brought my laptop back after two(longest) weeks(of my life) and can finally post again!
I have letters aging those two weeks, so let's start with loads of pictures.
First of all, whole mail received during two weeks:
There were 3 packages and 4 letters, which are in different beautiful envelopes.
First of all I received package from Rina, my dear Japanese penpal. I was waiting for it two months and still very happy about it.
This was a Christmas present to me ^^
Haruma Miura 1st Photobook ''tabun''(I was dreaming about it!)
1st volume of one of the manga I like ''Bokura ga Ita''
Two postcards. Top one is depicting Japanese omen(theatre masks) and a greetings card.
One week letter, got her letter:
Letter with few Purikura photos
And two printed photos with her wearing adorable kimono and everyone from her tea ceremony club. So many beautiful kimono!
Next I got letter from Claudia, one of my Polish pals. She wrote another letter and sent me 5 photos. Two of them are depicting spiders and that's freaing me out just looking at it o.o
And a Polish stamp I never seen before. Looks great.
Next up----->
From my UK pen pal Louise. Her letter got lost before Christmas, so she had all this trouble rewritig such a letter.
Cute stamp...
...and drawing that looks like fingerprints :D
Mail from China: an envelope with traditional drawing, Detective Conan paper and these cute postcards(they call them selca postcards).
And the other packages with more belated Christmas presents :D

First one comes from Poland, Marta. And these new stamps for my collection.
Her letter, written on paper we have as well. It is with rainbows and clouds, but only clouds are visible after you write on it >.>

Xmas card
Delicious chocolate I munched while reading letters, a notebook(already found where I can use it), Xmas decorative clip and green glitter glue.
Package from Tiia, Finnish pen pal.
Her longest letter, like she noticed :) Tiia is amazing at wriing warm letters, I can never get enough of them.
Xmas card
 Map of her place. It might be helpful one day :)
Leaflet ''Walking in old Hamina''
This decoration is awesome! It will hang in my room forever <3

Both sides of pages. Two recipes and the other one is about Finaland's Independence day and Xmas in Finland

Finnish calendar. Of course I love January's pic most :D
And this is a Xmas card I kept forgetting to upload. It is drawn realistic.


Lil' Kay said...

You've had really great mail weeks :)
I just LOVE James and the giant peach stamp from UK >3<
Hope you'll receive the package I sent (might last until next week since I used "economy" shipping :/)

Lizzie H said...

Wow! So much mail.. It all looks so wonderful. I have no words because it's all so pretty *-*