Mail from Strawberry shortcake

On Tuesday I received this package with Lizzie's letter and another horse magazine.
Check out the cutesy stickers.
 I said the same ;D

Aw, isn't she sweet as always? And the person who left her saying such awful lies about her should fear my rage D<  She is one of my first pen pals and I love her to pieces. We're both horse maniacs, a little crancked in their heads and get on well just amazing. I understand her and I know that pen pals are her best friends, just like mine, so that person is such a dirty liar.
I said I'll go to that post which has interesting stamps and mail stickers and I did. Bought just two stamps and saw one more good I want to get my hands on.
I'm keeping myself the one with Beijing 2008 as I never had one ^^ And I don't even know what for that man is famous?? I think he doesn't have anything to do with Linguistics and not Literature, so I won't know him :D
Well, I had two days without mail already and I'm getting worried about letter from Canada, which is travelling so long to me.


Lizzie H said...

I love you, my Cupcake :_; <3

Bree said...

Almante, I totally agree with you. Liz is the third person I wrote to. :) And she's an amazing friend and she always send me so many lovely things together with her letter. Liz, you are so sweet! :)

Almantina said...

Yes yes, dear Lizzie, believe those who really love you <3