Happy happy happy

I think I love Fridays, or at least whole week since last one. Yesterday was no mail day, but that didn't turned down my mood as I met my friend and watched a comedy, later went to sleep over at another one's place. We also watched a comedy :D And here's Friday and I knew I'll find mail, but didn't expected that much! 5 letters o.o
I started from the shortest to longest so the same I'll do with pictures. Let's go.
First letter from Silvia, Belgium. I already know what can I talk with her about. She used this cute paper.

 "Fresh meat".
Spring themed from Slovenia...
...with Chinese New Year stamp. Geez, I love those dragons.

Next one from Destiny, my dear USA pal. And her lovely decorated envelope, also with our flags xD
There was this beautiful poem written: Star light, Star bright/The first star I see tonoght/I wish I may, I wish I might/Have this wish I wish tonight.
Her letter with gifts. I'm wearing the green friendship bracelet and din't took it of again to take pic, sorry for that.
Tanja's letter was longer again-26 sides^_^
And we came to this pretty envelope holding lots of surprises again.

Have you ever seen letter of 30 sides? I finally did :D
She gave me 5 more pages of her stationery.
Then there was bookmark with cooking measurements-thank you, that'll be very helpful for me. And ATC...
...decotape. Very cute :)
...postcards with views, art FMA anime.
Two biggest surprises were 60 my adress labels o.O
And One Piece manga 1st volume. My 2nd real manga ><
Some statisctics: To read all these letters took nearly 2hrs
5 cups of tea
It'll take time to reply and prepare gifts
It's only year after finding first foreign pals, but in one year I have built relationships with long leters mostly from those, who I met earliest. I still keep enjoying every letter and I feel like a child finding them in my mailbox. But this week was simply amazing. I hope that you're having good mail days as well. 
And...24 followers? Wow, thanks!


Lizzie H said...

The envelopes were so pretty!
I also sent my letter to you today so hopefully you will have it by Monday :3

Maria said...

wow...26, 30 sides? That's a lot! Only once I got a 28 sides letter and took me like a week to read it! What such beautiful papers she used, the ones with the houses on the corner, they are cute. I havent received much this week :/
Have a great weekend!

Almantina said...

oooh, yay, I'm waiting for Lizzie's letter, I also sent you something >w<
That's normal for me :D What, seriously that long?
I agree, she said she bought them quite cheapily too. Now I want to go to Poland for stationery.
I hope next week will be better for you, Maria.

GotThatSwing said...

5 cups of tea in 2 hours?!:D
Poland is not a great place for stationery actually, but to see the things from the corners of this stationery, sure:)

shannah said...

Lovely, lovely blog! That's a whole lot of mail goodness!

Shelby Anne said...

Oh, you got One Piece. Cool! That's my favorite! >w<