Postcards and a letter

Hooray, got two more letters today(just rhymed). One of them is another swap, this time postcards and a letter from my Norwegian who always replies fastest of everyone.
Just picked up my mail.
New stamps spotted.
Almost covered the floor with all the cards. Now they are decorating my wall.
Japan cards.
Australia cards.
Swiss cards.
And Norway.
Kore's flag in my pals letter.
After the lecture I went shopping today. Visited a book store that opened in a new bigger place, but now I din't found a panoramic card for Postcrossing forum's exchange >.> Instead, I found these things:
Two green and one purple(looks blue here) pen(last one especially for Lizzie's letters) and the first one has a geisha on it.
Pocket calendars from Vilnius, going out soon.
After that Ii visited candy shop, which was full of girls. I thought they are like Japanese girls buying chocolates to give tomorrow. I wanted to buy more of those cute looking chocolates and whatnot, but need some money left to send out mail...So I only had a very few and not showing most of them here, because a certain person can see it too early. Will post later. This is what had a sour sign on and...actually it was absolutely sweet. Failed again.
And last photo is for Lizzie: found a place for your horses!
See, my door has a glass, so I can't put anything there, because that will take it down. That's the last place wide enough for that poster and it's perfect. No one will know!:D
I don't want tomorrow because of getting to wake up early and 3 lectures. It'll take whole day again -_- But after that my weekend starts. Uf...


Lizzie H said...

The postcards are beautiful!
I always try to find pretty ones for my pen pals but i always fail. I just don't think the ones i find are good enough :P

And a purple pen for letters to me? How cute :3

I'm happy you could put the poster on your door!

Almantina said...

I think that all cards are beautiful, you should only know what kinds of your pals like, but with your country view any would be beautiful.

GotThatSwing said...

Wow, that is a LOT of postcards at once. And beautiful ones =)

Lil' Kay said...

I'm so jealous of those Australia cards!! :D

Almantina said...

Thank you and there's nothing to be jealous, you'll get that good cards or even better ones one day.