Great title today ''...". I don't know how to describe this day. First thing I heard when I woke up was rain -_- Two boring lectures ahead and, yeah, no mail, again :/ My own luck took pity on me so before stepping into my University I got to know that those lectures are moved to next week(whatever!:D), atleast today's nothing, lecturer went to Book fair. That's where I head out too.
I happened to met girl from my group, thw one I know well, we took one transport, but I didn't notice here until getting out and when we got out, she went the different direction. I showed her the way, well, she's still new in my town.
I took pictures, at least few, for you.

This is only in the beginning. You should see what happens in the afternoon or the weekend. And it still looks like Lithuanian's don't read much.
I like this sheep ^_^
My backpack is already full...
We saw a lecture with our lecturer. Yay, getting points for listening to it.
This is what I got :)
The last book by Jack Kerouac, ''Big Sur'', whatever that is...It just came out and since the author himself is similar to me(we're both non-Asian buddhists) I couldn't pass by without having it. I love his autobiographical style, too. I heard about this book on radio show this morning, but then I wasn't planning to buy it yet.
Jodi Picoult books. The newest one, just out today is the one with the horse, ''Plain Truth'', older one ''House Rooles'' and the oldest which I didn't bought last year, ''Harvesting the Heart'', but Lithuanian translation word by word means ''Another Life''. I asked the salesman which he would offer from those of her newest books and he said he would pick those and I decided and the last book I found elsewhere, much cheaper than in the bookstores ^_^
I don't read thin books...:D
I got these two Lithuanian herb tea bags as a gift and I'll give those to my pals.
What an interesting bookmark.
Two more beautiful bookmarks. Who wants one?^_^
Lithuanian folk clothes with a doll. I think it's a great representation of my country and there were so many women buying them so I almost found three left. I'll give away to of them.
I spent a reasonable amount at the fair fr this many big books and I'm happy about it, made me feel like singing B2ST's ''Soom''(Breath). Any other kpop fans out there?;D
For those who haven't seen, this is my current hairstyle, if possible, I'll get it really short next weekend. I love short hair, I love bangs :D
In the end, let's say a big and warm
to my beloved pal Lizzie, who's celebrating her birthday today!!!! Woo *throws confetti*.


GotThatSwing said...

Oh I love book fairs:) We always have them in May. Can't wait:D
The folk bookmarks are really lovely!

Barbara said...

You had an amazing day! I wish I could take part in a book fair - maybe in the future? You're lucky that your books are in Lithuanian, because I would steal them from you, especially Jack Kerouac's one. And your bookmarks are lovely :).

Lil' Kay said...

I wish I wouldn't have missed the book fair in Finland.. :( I want to buy books after reading this post :DD

Lizzie H said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes<3
The bookmarks are so pretty! But i already have many X_x

Tari said...

Your bookmarks are way too cute, you're lucky :D