Friday, Saturday and books

I'm going lazier with every time, so now I will have more in one post.
First it's Friday's mail. From USA and Croatia.
Then, stamps.

And I just love this stamping :3
My USA pal decorated the back of the envelope as well.
Everything that comes from her is so sweet, starting with envelope, presents and ending with a letter. Her handwriting is small and beautiful. This time she used old Amy and Tim stationery she had and wrote 9 warm pages.
Frog stickers :)
I received cute photos and a funny Valentine's day card inside a handmade envelopie(which looked absolutely sweet too).
Too bad, but no one refilled my water dish :D
And for Hello Kitty cards I had to film them, the best way to show them :)
I thought there was some junk mail, but I stalked my mailbox and found letter from Czech republic.
Ugh, volleyball on stamp?*the one who's against this game*
Ahh, her paper is so cute.
And the card I wanted. Mountains in snow is absolutely beautiful. I never saw mountains so I love cards with them. And this card gives a tremendous view of these giants.
So much great mail, I'm also doing well replying and I'll post some outgoing ones when I finish them of.

I have to love him...My dad himself gave me money so that I could go to the Book fair again. Was that pity for me sitting at home? I got ready pronto.
When I was almost there I passed a couple and heard them saying "Good to see young people going'', I would have replyed "I'm not going, I'm flying there!". Atleast I could smile to myself.
Right on time I remembered wanting to buy Dexter so I went in circles, not knowing who published it and then, yes, then I found it and even cheaper then I thought.
I love Dexter Tv show so I'll more than enjoy the books. ''Everyone's most beloved serial killer''.
For the best finale was Jack Kerouac's new, 6th Lithuanian edition of ''On the Road:Original Scroll". Now I have both-full and and not full-books.
I can say I got these books for bargain and I'm soooo going to read them now.

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