Late update

It's really late, but tomorrow this wouldn't look at place. I got some nice mail on Friday and then on Saturday too and this post is about it.
Friday was rarely good, with 3 letters and a postcard.
Postcard from Japan, with Sumida river fireworks.
 And some nice stamps.
And letters:
From Marta, Poland.
 I was surprised about this "sticker" on the envelope.
 Star - my favorite shape.
Can someone tell me why Polish stamps are always upside down? I'm just curious, because I get them like this all the time from my pals.
Next one from Spain, Paula.
 I love the cute envelope.
 And these interesting stamps - environmental issues are still important to me and keeping our surroundings clean.
And the cute stationery with tea and all the stamps - filling up my collection.
And from Tanja, Germany. She replied fast and letetr came fast - just perfect!
I literally did a happy dance with all this mail I took out that morning. Even if neighbors saw me, let them know I'm happy.

Letter on Saturday was a surprise and I found it on Sunday, when I came back.
It was the promised first letetr from an Australian girl Marlea and when I read about the farm where she lives, with a mountain view from her window I thought "I want to see that too" and it's what I like about Australia, I pictured something similar to what I saw in movie "Australia".

What a cute stamp with koala.

I even replied/finished replying to some letters this weekend.
Though the notebook I used and envelopes are the same for almost all the letters.

 Finished reply to Laurita, which took longer.
 To Sara, whose letter I got on Thursday.
 To Marta.
And to Paula.
Replied to shorter ones hoping that until the end of exams I won't have all the letters at my place. And...oh no, keeping my promise to not write from Monday.


snowangel said...

Wow! Lots of nice mails! Lucky you! :) I also get my Polish penpal's stamp up side down, so I'm curious if someone can answer to your question about that!

Almantina said...

Thank you :) Well, hopefully someone will tell us what that means ;)

Marina said...

Awww, I love that cute Australian stamp! :)

Annie said...

I found you! woah! thank you for the very unexpected letter!
I will do my best to reply shortly!
You aren't following my blog that is why it took me some time to find you!
I love your blog and I am following you from now! xx