Friday[with many photos]

First let's start with incomming mail of Friday, May 4th.
My very third train postcard, that came from Poland.

 Stamps from Shelby letter, or rather, a collection of them Liberty/Freedom/Equality/Justice forever.

 Reply from Melissa, that makes the third letter from USA this month in a row :D



The envie and the stationery looks so cute and yummy :D

Next up is my outgoing to Russia and Slovenia, but I only have two postcards(sorry for quality) to remember not to send the same again.
 to Slovenia
to Russia

one more card is reserved for Lisa in Norway.

Check out my beloved basiliks that grow so fast! They showed up in one week and that's how thye looked on Tuesday
and Friday
They grow in days and maybe after one week I'll be able to plant them outside, or after two.

Finally, more Spring-ish photos of our cherry tree by our balcony and flowers that appeared from nowhere and taking over the grass in front of my windows.

That's all for this week, I have 6 letters to reply, all received during this week and one to rewrite, because I don't even know how it disappeared -_-
Let's anticipate for another week full of mail!


shannah said...

Lovely mail!

Almantina said...

Thanks :)

Elisabeth said...

Hey, I'm looking forward to the card :D

I actually have a card here for you aswell ;)

Almantina said...

Aw, thanks! My letter is in the mail already ^^