First mail of May

That was on the May 3rd and it's from Heather, USA.
I love the tape.
Very belated birthday card and pixy sticks inside. They are so yummy!

Tea <3
And a memo pad.
Letter with all the cute stickers.

A very important thing about this Tuesday was that two of my dreams came true. One was leather jacket and another is, yes yes, it's bike! Also, I got new tyres for the one that lives in my village so I'm too happy about everything. I don't think I'll get tired of cycling EVERYDAY(gosh, that sounds so beautiful <3), because I got too excited about it everyday and can't calm down until I take it for a ride.
The bike was used, but still very good and decorated with some pictures, like these.

Also, sharing a photos from the same day of a one beautiful bush. I have never seen such a beautiful bush before, I want one ><

May started great :) Next up is an update of today.

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