Latest mail

During the weekend I replied to almost all the letters. Here they are:
To Usa(3), to Norway, to Poland and one more ready to Poland.

Yesterday I had no mail, but today I was 100 % sure and I got a letter from Croatia :)
Her stationery is so beautiful.

 New stamps!
And tea.

During the weekend I took some photos of our blooming cherries. So what that I couldn't see sakuras in Japan!

 Full moon!
 Sunday was beautiful just in morning.(view from my window :p)
My basilisks on Sunday.


Lizzie H said...

My reply should come soon too! It's actually another box ;)

Almantina said...

wut?o.o A box? What I did to get so much love?><

Maria said...

wow..Croatian stationary is just beautiful, I wish we had papers like these here :/
I love your blooming cherries :D