Leave cofee, drink more tea; Handle with care

A double title for today, quoting my both pals.
I was thinking about bad things if I wouldn't have received any mail today, but even two letters came. And not only.
I love all my pals, but sometimes you get more excited about some pals that you know for longer time or bigger bounds are between you or even both and that's how I feel about some of my pals. Michi and Lizzie are two of those.
Whenever I get something from them, a whole day is brighter and I feel just the way I could feel after meeting someone special that day, so let's look are their amazing mail.
Michi from Poland never stops making me love her envelopes with her mail art.

Never too late for Valentine greetings!xD And I finally saw how adorable Leszno is :3 In the photo below, it feels like you could go directly to the sunset. I want to see that place!
"Leave coffee, drink more tea", sorry for the flashlight. That's what I'm doing, I have forgot the taste of coffee already and drink only tea :3
I wrote my previous letter in a notebook(I want to thank one blogger for this idea, but because I don't remember who was it exactly, please don't get offended and if you see this post, shout out ;D) and she replied in one. And there it is - 32 A5 pages. A novel, right? Long letter and tea are ment to be, because I had so much tea while reading this.

Let's admire the characters drawn in the notebook.

Handle with care - that's what it's said on Lizzie's from Sweden box. A box! I'll never be as awesome as my Lizzie ;__;

Stamp admiration. Now I have all the chicken stamps. One thing I love more than these stamps are my actual chickens. They are cute and lovely pets! Every home in village must have them.
 Lots of tea filled the empty space in my tea box.
 Diddle and Diddlina stationery and envie. It was sad to unfold the crane and other origami pieces, because I couldn't fold them back ;_;
 Postcard from Krakow. Today is trully a Polish card day :) The architecture so far looks great, I want to visist my neighbor country.
 Crane stationery and lots of more envelopes. until the end of the year my pals will enjoy nice envelopes <3
 Pony drawing. Isn't it lovely?:3
The monthly magazine :) And its poster. Later I'll think about where to put it :D
 A huge horse rubber. For huge mistakes?:D
Swedish snack. I ahven't tried it yet, because Lizzie said it should make a fine breakfast.

Allow me to say big THANK YOU once again for both of you. Whenever I think about you, I don't feel lonely and thanks to you I feel much better and could forget my awful marks.
I'll go for a cycling now, because I have neglected the poor thing yesterday and on the same time think about what could I get for Lizzie. I have a couple of ideas, but I want it to be as awesome as hers.

Best weekend to all of you!


Michi~ said...

But my letter has 52 pages, not 32... D: Sorry, I had to mention it XD

I'm glad you liked it <3 Hope to hear from you soon~!

Lizzie H said...

My mom and i had to give you A LOT of stamps XD And the origami figures are supposed to be a crane, a goldfish and a fly :P And i have more envelopes for you. They never end. You'll be bringing envelopes to your grave! XD
As for the Knäckebröd, try having some butter on it with any type of spread on, ham or something. I have another box of Knäckebröd (they are really cheap and last forever) in case you want more :P

Tari said...

Maybe you got this idea of a letter notebook from me, cause I have one, too ;)

Almantina said...

But the notebook is written to have that many pages so I wrote that number :D Anywho...
Oh darn, envelopes to the grave?xD Actually, I can't complain about something as good as that ^^
Ok, I'll try that. Say, lasts forever? They won't have to, I'll eat them fast ^^
I didn't recognize others two besides crane ><
Hm...who knows. Did you also mention using stickers to make it les boring?

Bree said...

I totally agree with you. I feel extremely happy when I receive something from my favourite pals. In fact, I feel excited when I receive mail from all my pals! I really appreciate their effort in writing me long replies and sending me lots of goodies. Lizzie and some of my other pals are one of those who keep sending me lovely things. I always wanted to send them lots of goodies too but I can't afford to send parcels overseas as it's very expensive over here in Malaysia. :( I can only send them little things. How much does it cost to send a parcel/box of goodies overseas in your country? Inquiring minds wish to know! :) Have a great weekend!

Elisabeth said...

Hehe, I eat "husman" for breakfast almost every day instead of normal wheat bread :P

Almantina said...

Bree, it depends on weight and are you sending to European country or non European, which is more expensive. But the prices are really high :/
Elisabeth, I can't wait to try it as well, on Monday :D

Tari said...

Nope, I don't use stickers in my letters notebook, so you got the idea from someone else! ;)

William F. Whaley said...

Ooo! Rye crispies.