I'm finally lucky too

Hello everyone, how have you been? Hope that your weekend was as fine as mine. First of all, I want to show you my reply I have written to Michi. Never wrote that much before, I think so :D
It's on the way now ;3
This is the best proof that there are no limits in snail mail, especially between me and Michi. Our conversations are endless, it's like a real enjoyable talk with her. Let the words fill the pages :)
I also sent a bunch of introduction letters, wish me luck to gain new good pals :)

Now onto Monday's mail and yes, three letters!
First one is from Anette, my Norwegian pal. She used horse stationery <3
Next one comes from Moldova, my pal Cristina.
 And new stamps!
Finally, I got a long awaited letter from Laurita, the longest snail mail contact I have ever had and on top of that, she's my best friend.
Here is the envelope, we have to use registered mail in LITHUANIA >.> to avoid our huge letters getting lost -_-

 At least a new stamp was found.
The small ones are old like hell :D
There were some goodies inside.
 Cute notebook sheets, quite a few of them.
 A stamp from Netherlands when she used to saty there for a while.
 A very late birthday gift - matching with hers - phone bag :3 with a handsome anime guy <3
Belated Easter wishes :D
Instead of one letter I feel like I got three of them, with 3 parts and three envelopes.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
I feel like I received 5 letters instead of 3 :3
Hoping for more mail to come, but after this week I'll stop writing until June 15 (can I even live without writing until then?) and then I'll see will I have a pile to reply or not, hopefully, yes :D
Have a nice week of mail, even though many others are being really lucky compared to me :/


Michi~ said...

It's on its way? @w@ So maybe I'll get it on Wednesday?! Please, PLEASE, I want it before leaving~ T.T *prays*

Almantina said...

It should be. Where are you leaving to?

Michi~ said...

My theatre and I are going to Łódź for a festival, Wednesday afternoon 'till Sunday. Which (I hope) means a new postcard for Lisa-chan! :3

Syalon said...

ASDFGASDF!! so many sheets! XD I could't write that much!! XD you have superpowers *-* lol

Almantina said...

Oh, I hope that it'll be a great performance for you!
Haha, super powers? I'm just obsessed with writing.

Tari said...

Considering the size of my handwriting, if one day I write that many pages, I should figure in the Record's book! Haha :D

hello bunnies said...

How fun to have so many people to mail to! Must've been a lot of work though. Looks great!