Hey hey hey!

I'm still living and kicking. Passed the second exam today and two more left in next week. After that I'm going to have a letter writing party. Lately my mailbox has been really happy and I'm still saving up photos of everything for one huge post.
I wanted to show the first strawberries of this year.
 I saw Germany issued both train and lighthouse stamps (oh my dear obsessions rising) and I love them. And then there's Lithuania. Issued a spider stamp collection and I got two of those.
The nature one is really nice, but I'm sure I don't want the spider ones in my collection...Once again, sorry for the picture quality.
Here's how all the stamps look. Ugh, they are scary just looking at ><
The "visit Europe" stamps.
These ones are out for not a long time. I love them. Costs just a bit more than sending worldwide.
And I like these ones - traditional musical instruments. I'll go through the stamps of every year, but I doubt, really doubt that we ever had any stamps with trains or lighthouses. Why.

Before the end, lovely cloud.


Tari said...

Aaahh these spiders stamps are damn scary! D: Please rememeber NOT to use them for my letters! :D

Almantina said...

Don't worry, they aren't for Europe so you won't be getting them :D

Steffelchen said...

I love the spider stamps, they're really cool. :)

Caddi said...

I also really like the spider stamps :) I like all stamps with animals.
I will try to remember to use lighthouse or train stamps to send your letters... Do you already have any?
Take care!

Vagirl said...

I also love the spider stamps. They're really awesome!

Almantina said...

Oh...I can't believe so many of you like them. If you do, I can send you something with them.
and no, I haven't got wither train or lighthouse stamps from Germany. I wish I could collect them all.