Anime mail

What I got today is all the cuteness from Japan, my postcard pal Miyuki.
Everything, from the stamp to the contesnts were full of anime and cuteness.
 The envelope.
 Stamp with Edward from Full metal alchemist. Sorry for the flashlight, I tried it may ways and finally decided this looks the best TT
 She replied to my note on my last postcard on these cute papers.
 Waaah~ I wish I could ahve went there. It was two months TT
 All the cute food...
 She ate this ice cream with Nyanko sensei from Natsume Yuujinchou. Isn't it mega cute?;3

 Gintama - the most hillarious anime that will make you laugh so much.
 Natsume Yuujinchou postcard <3 With Natsume and Nyanko sensei. Next to Kimi ni Todoke it's the second anime I love so much.
And two outgoing cards. Top one depicting 4 Vilnius' churches will go to Finland and the below one is for Miyuki.
I also bought a box for Lizzie and prepared it <3 I hope to send it of tomorrow and that she'll receive it this week. Time to show some more love from me as well.
The week has started of pretty nice, wonder what will tomorrow bring me?


Lil' Kay said...

Amazing mail :) I wish my Japanese penpals wouldn't have stopped writing with me after a couple of letters :( Maybe I just don't click with them.. :/

I hope your week will be full of mail :)

Almantina said...

Well, mine left me as well and now only two of them remaining. It's hard to find great pals there :/

Lil' Kay said...

I'm sorry to hear that :( But I hope that your remaining pals from Japan won't do the same :)

Bree said...

That's indeed an AWESOME mail! Love the Fullmetal Alchemist stamp!