Hello, today my mailbox was visited by my second postcard pal, from Taiwan.
Look at the cuteness of the envelope.

 Translation, please?;D
Of course, the stamps are beautiful likewise.

Here are the postcards. I'm extremely happy about them, especially the one with the train. They are gorgeous.
 There was also a cutout from the newspaper.
 A card from a pet shop.
And various cute notebooks' sheets.
I'm going to send much mail today again, but I look forward for that much back ><


Tari said...

Translation: "How are you feeling today? - I'm fine" :)

Lil' Kay said...

Aww :3 So much cute mail >3<
I haven't received anything from my pals in a while but some things I ordered during the last 2 weeks :)
As soon as I get my last exam and essays done I'm going to write a reply to you<3

Almantina said...

Thanks, Tari!
And thank you, Lily, I'm looking forward to it a lot.