Start to pile up again

Two more letters received today. I bet they will have to wait until June 15, which means that it's time to pile up my letter pile again. I never thought I'll be crawing for that.
What did I got today?
This one haven't left Canada yet and got damaged.

A doodle on the envie.
Admirding the stamps. They will be for exchange, already had each.
I love the paper he, my only male pal, used. Bamboo!
Got another drawing printed. I wish I had space to hang it.
 Got a freindship book, but I don't know who to pass it on to.
 Next letter was from Italy, with instant tea inside. I'll try it in Summer with some ice cubes.
Today was my last lecture. i can't believe there are no more lectures until September again. But exams are upcomming so I'm not joyous about anything yet. Cross fingers on Monday for me so that I would pass some test which I have to take if I want to choose editing next year. I'm curious how hard the test will be :/


Lil' Kay said...

You can send the FB to me<3 :)
You had a nice mail day :)

William F. Whaley said...

Oh noes! My letter got damaged. I hope that you liked the envelope, despite that.

I didn't answer all of your questions last time, so I'm writing things down for next time.