Here comes the mail

Today was one of the rare occasions to receive 3 letters. It was amazing.
I love the Norwegian car stamp. Did you knew that I like cars?:3
I got another card from her and read on Wiki to understand what it means and that lloks super cool: such a school in Norway where you have those cards, special hats and you're a well-known "Russ" and people will want those funny cards from you. Oh my, I wish we had something like this, I would have wore the hat proudly and carried those cards. So awesome and I feel special having two cards already X3
All hail Finnish stamps, this time it's angry birds in ice hockey.
Love the cute envie.
And the stationery. It's the only letter I haven't read and because it's a day of tomorrow, I'm saving such a long letter for then :D
A card from her city.
A photo of a lighthouse? Say no more!
Lovely decorations on the envie from Poland. Snail mail is absolutely forever.

My first French lessons(after long time xD)
And two cute stickers in the letter.

I just love this time of the year! I'm going to take even more pictures no matter if I'll take pictures of the same trees every year, but it's really gorgeous outside.
 Here are the books I dragged home today x.x The top one is mine, but I have to read them all(not whole, of course) and there are 3 more waiting in another library. That's life of Lithuanian philologist. Sigh


Anonymous said...
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Lil' Kay said...

Lucky you! :) I haven't received letters or postcards in a while and my mailbox is getting lonely.. :( I don't even get the magazines I've ordered ;;__;;
And Hockey bird (that's what the bird is called) is the mascot of this year's Hockey championship held in Finland and the mascot was made by the company that made Angry bird as its also from Finland :))
Have a great time replying to those letters :)

Burstsof bubbles said...

Oh! I always find it so mean to receive a couple of letters on the same day or in the same week... with my I usually don't get anything for a month after that but hopefully things are different for you since its nice to receive mail weekly :)

Bree said...

What a wonderful mail day for you! Well.. what can I say, have a good read!

P.S. I have got your mail! :D

Tari said...

Haha, I love to see French lessons, it always makes me smile. (by the way, if you want more French lessons, I can send you some, too ;) )

And I'm proud of me as I think I understood the last sentence on the russ card. It means "I'm not crazy, only a little less cleaver", doesn't it?

Almantina said...

Lily, that sounds really sad :(
Oh, I didn't knew, I thought it's one of angry birds, because of the eyebrow xD

Eh?Why could it be mean? On one hand, maybe, because later you might get nothing, so it can be better one letter a day :)

Bree, good to hear that ^^
Thank you, it was fun!

Tari, it would be really appreciated if you could :-O
Hehe, her translation said it's "I'm not stupid, just less smart", close enough, but I have no knoldge in Norwegian so far :)