Today I hanged out with one frined. We don't meet often, but this time we did and the day was much more fun then staying indoors. We went to two stores and I was buying presents for my groupmate and she searched for things she need. In the next shopping mall we visited Korean restaurant ''Sura''. There I saw this pretty Japanese pottery.
Outside there's a huge Christmas tree. It's gorgeous.
And Christmas theme inside tha mall with all kinds of amusements...

...and Santa! That was one cool Santa.

And here's he and my friend Silvija, who he called ''little big girl'' :D
And the extra mega super duper spicy soup in the can, which even broke tears from one eye, but I felt like in heaven from it. I bought this at the Korean restaurant.


Lizzie H said...

Wow! I love it when you post so many photos, love the Christmas tree :)
The one we have in our village onlt has some light son it XD Nothing special!

Almantina said...

I'll try to post them all the time ;D
you think so? tree in my village is always decorated the one that grows there all the time. the regular tree and all they do is hung few toys on the top.