Santa Claus is early in town

I probably got crazy about studies. Who weren't when exams are on the top of the nose? I even went to uni while feeling awful, when I would usually skip. Sometimes I'm such a mazohist. But now it was too much even for me that I shed few tears, but tried to drie them up while I'm still in outside's early morning's darkness...I am ashamed to show my tears to others...
Life is life na na na na na, or how that song goes like? I had no choise, but to live this day from 6:30 AM to 18:00 PM when I finally set my shaking foot home(I would have came two hours earlier if it wasn't for the project my groupmate-maybe a first friend?-forced me to do today). Painkillers, where? Food, where? Oh wait, got any mail today? Dad was already asleep, haven't chance talking to him today...Oh, there it is - two notices(!) from post. One hour before close(?!). I made it, and had dinner before it too. So happy to come home with this.
I still haven't enjoyed enough of it and I hope I won't fell asleep with eerything, but now I'm really exhausted, so I want to make a new post of that tomorrow.
Sweetest dreams


Lizzie H said...

Oh Sweetie ):
I wish i could've made you feel better >.<
Also, crying is not a weakness. It's only natural to let your emotions take over now and then. Happens to me all the time :)

Almantina said...

you did, I'm too happy now to feel upset.
but I yhink it is weakness, unless I'm alone and can cry a river.

Bree said...

Hi Almante! Can you please email me your address? I'm sending you something soon. :)