Last post of the year

With the end of 2011 there are things that need to be finished, like adding pictures I forgot to post before Christmas. I was wrong, because my last mail day was December 23rd and then a lovely package came from Germany.
Another long letter from Tanja and her gifts, along with my beloved Heisse Liebe tea and that adorable handmade key chain. I wonder how many of them my keys will have in the future :D
Next up it's books I borrowed from Japan's embassy before holidays.
My manga drawing bible.
About Kyoto university(my dream place) in manga
Gothic and Lolita picture book with many photos of cute, weird, awesome styles.
Am I the only one that thins that pink girl isn't very natural?
Best dictionary to learn kanji.
My first two letters after Christmas were from Eugenia, Russia and Ana, Croatia.
Eugenia's envelope is deffinately Christmas themed. Aw, wish we had those. She also sent me agreeting card.
Ana sent me a postcard and apple and cinamon tea I wanted to try. Yummy! Her handwriting is obviously the most interesting.
Here are my Christmas cards surrounding my tree:
They are from:

Two from USA
Czech republic
In today's mail I got postcards from Lily, who traveled in London
And look at the stamps, I saw them first time :)
And also, it snew oday, last day just too beautiful. And my mood is up to clear one more thing: send out many belated letters. At first two letters went out and I bought 8 more stamps to stamp at home: 3 to Europe and 5 to other countries:
And enough PRIORITAIRE stickers for more letters :D
This is the first time I bought that many stamps, but I wanted to stamp myself. And now 8 more letters are all set and ready to go.
That;s all. Thank you for writing to me this 2o11 year and I can't wait to start a new, betetr year of snail mailing in 2012! Happy New Year to all of you!


Lizzie H said...

Oh my! So many pictures<3 I love pictures XD I hope you have a very happy New years eve! And that we get many letters next year :D

Lil' Kay said...

Those snowflake stamps are lovely! :3
And I'm happy you got the card<3 Will be sending the letter soon (as soon as I get back to Porvoo and go to the post office<3 :3)

Oh~ And the stamps I used in that card were Christmas stamps ;) Nice, right? :D Too bad that this year the Christmas stamps in UK weren't Wallace and Gromit like last year :)

Almantina said...

Lizzie, I'll be finishing the letter with latest news and sending it of to you soon (hugs)
Lily, those should have been awesome stamps then. And I'm looking forward to your letter!

Anna Maria said...

hehe I've got stamp with snowflake on it :P
why is my handwriting that interesting? :O
greets from Croatia