Santa Klaus is early in town part 2

That's how the presents look like.
One of them found place under my little tree
 The wrapping
Everything looks like this. Amazing.
Only horse things. 
Have I already said how much I love this Santa, named Lizzie?
And next package was from Eve. Let's take a snap there
  The bubble wrap
Everything inside. Had problem to fit everything into one photo.
The huge map and many leaflets
The smallest. Especially those cute mini pictures.
Stationeries and many stickers.
All kind of delicious tea.
The long and lovely letter. I can't express how much fun it is to read her letters, it's like actual talking to her. And she's so interesting.
I wish I could show you all the stickers and stamps used there too.
These were my very first received Christmas presents.


Lizzie H said...

Yaaay! The big "Japanese" thing is a tea thingy. I'm not sure how to use it so you'll have to figure it out yourself :P
And i hope the Shower gel will come in use XD
And that you have room for the poster and the two mini canvases :3

Almantina said...

you mean the teacup with dragons? ;D I had the same in different color, but mom broke one piece, so now I got yours xD

Almantina said...

and I still have some space for posters