Never underestimate a flat looking envelope

I thought so when I was nicely surprised with First reply I received from Kinga. I knew thta my new pallie is going to send me feathers(because sometimes I like to make something creative too) and maybe a newspaper in Polish. But she also added Polish learning material(she knows I want to learn her language), magazine cutout about Poland, a huge map of Poland(now I see how far my Polish pals lives from me(not that far compared to many other countries).

Love her envelope too
And here's the feathers
Anyone got any ideas/wishes? I would try making and don't mind for anyone, as long as I CAN make it ;D
The back of the letter stationery she used
And the gifts: horse paper and her own made design. I think I should advertise her here too ;D
Check it out, she's really interesting girl ;)
Finally, an extract from Dragonball Z manga. I haven't ever read it or seen anime,
but I admit this here looks funny ;D
Currently on thought what to pack her up...

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