From Laurita

Today, or tonight, my dad became mine's and Laurita's mailman. He brought my huge package to her(saved ton of money from paying the postage) and picked up hers. Of course, I got less sleep with his calls in 5:32 AM, 6:04 AM...I was going berserk when I had to actually get up. >_<'' But I texted a lot with Laurita today and she said she's extremelly happy with my presents and I cheered up :)
Her package was very heartwarming.

Everything is handmade - envelope, letter paper, socks, small envelopes, tea bag.
I can't believe how artistic she is. The letter was absolutely different than ever, 
maybe my letter influenced her, because I wrote a diary there and she said
she loves to hear everything - as expected from my very first pen pal.
Wearing her socks. My leg skin looks awful, bruises from other socks xD
Love you, my dear Laurita.

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