Before Christmas

Hi dears, I guess it was a great day for me. I slept long, then read a book and watched anime - what can I want more from the weekend? But then I got this excellent idea to try out some new bakery and cooking recipes and went to look throught mom's magazines. And then I found apple pie with chocolate.
I got issues with taking it out, so it got damaged -_- But the result was pleasing - the taste was sweet, but dark chocolate gave of a bitter taste and that filled up to each other.
I also tried out a new salad recipe and we're going to use it as a new dish for Christmas Eve :3 I have plans for next weekend too.~
Also, I want to share this lovely blizzard(isn't it?) through my window, even thought it was yesterday.
It snew and melted, nature is unfair.
But then, my orchid is impressing. She's the only of 3 who bloomed like this. Picture below: 2 weeks ago and this week.
Xmas is just after 14 days.
Goodnight :)


Lizzie H said...

Oh my gosh! You have no snow! It feels rather odd because we have lots of it now :/
And your orchid is amazing. My flowers never survive for long :P

Almantina said...

Now we have a little. Gosh, I envy Scandinavia :/