Christmas present mail

Went on a hunt for Christmas presents on Monday again and this is what I got:
Cute postcards, which I was still short on and a little envelope for tea.
Lithuanian chocolate. Princas(Prince) is my favorite chocolate of all times.
Jeez, I love these cute bookmarks!
I thought how beautiful Vilnius looks in dark, so I had to grab
this poscard I saw of my city in all its beauty.
And here's outgoing mail I prepared:
For  Marta, Poland and Lily, Finland. Decorated those awfully boring white envelopes.
I hope they'll like them <3


Lil' Kay said...

Can't remember to receive it<3 :3 Hopefully it comes before next weeks Wednesday!! :S

Almantina said...

Remember? What do you mean by that? I hope so too.

Lil' Kay said...

Sorry, I was writing million things at that time and I was REALLY tired :) I was supposed to write
I can't wait to receive it :')
Wonder what I thought while I wrote that :)