Mail update June 23-29

Got so much mail in the previous week.
All the mail I got.

All the cards received from postcard swap.

New stamps spotted.

 Japanese food cards from my Taiwanese postcard pal Rita.
Oh, those berries are very familiar. I don't know the English name for them.

 Postcards arrived from my Finnish pal Lily too.
 Feels like Winter!
 This is really beautiful, going to use it as a fancy bookmark. I'm pretty sure it's a bookmark?:)
 Just started collecting train tickets and here's another one to my collection. So far I have few Lithuanian ones(boring as boredom itself), a Slovenian one and Finnish one. I can expect for a French one too, curious to see!
 Japan's postcards. They are beautiful!
 My first postcard from Korea. so what that it arrived from Finland.
 Aw, it's really cute. Megurine Luka and Hatsune Miku from Vocaloid.
 Kuroshitsuji cards!
All cards are written and "stamped"! I love my cards written, they feel completed and I like to know something about it or what does person personally thinks about what's depicted there. And i prefer stamps on the envelope, to have them easier. Well, cards goes on the wall so they wouldn't be visible there either way.

From Muthumali, Sri lanka. Oh, the vanilla tea!<3 And star is my favorite shape.

From LR. I really love typewriters!

From Alison, Hong Kong. She sent me postcards from her trip to Paris and London.

From Tiia, Finland. With her letter I received two more horse cards. It makes me feel happy when pals thinks about me like this. I also got a lot of new stamps.
 It was a surprise to see such stationery, especially when it's the lengendary yuri "Strawberry panic".
I laughed so hard when I read this. I just love engrish.


WreckThisGirl said...

So. much. mail! Wow :) I love the Kuroshitsuji cards. My letter should arrive to you shortly, and also, next time I can send you an italian train ticket if you want :)


Lil' Kay said...

Those were my only 0,55€ stamps I had, who cares if those are Christmas stamps from 2010 :) BUT~ Finns and some Japanese people were planning those together :3

And yup, it is a bookmark :) And I think I have one or two old(er) Finnish train tickets (those were different compared to the one I sent you) so I can send you another one with the letter~ :)

Aww :D The SP! stationery is so cute! >3< I had a pad about 3 or 4 years ago and I loved it :DD

Almantina said...

Fab, Lily, I would really appreciate those tickets, they are treasure in my eyes ;D
Lily, it's alright if it's Christmas stamps, they look great!
I like the stationery too, but the picture takes whole another side of the paper.

Jennifer said...

Awesome ^.^ I love that Hatsune Miku card :)

Bree said...

my most undrestanding friend! haha :D on some of my kawaii papers from China, friend was spelled as 'firend' !

Almantina said...

It's hard to resist Hatsune Miku :)
Yes, that Engrish is just so fun to read!:D

sammybongo said...

Wow really more amazing net cool sweet post cards wow.