All of the latest outgoing

It was so hard to make myself finally update this, but I wanted t do it and here it, all the latest outgoing mail that wasn't shown.
First of all, 6 postcards sent for swap.

A promised introductory letter to a new postcard swap pal from China and a card for her from my city.

From the left. Card to Rina, Japanese pal. To new postcard pal from Japan and to new one from South Korea.

 Replies. From left - Silvia in Belgium, Marta in Poland and Cristina in Moldova.

Reply to Lizzie in Sweden.

To Elisabeth in Norway.

Longest reply this week goes to Eve in USA.

And another nice reply to Tiia in Finland.

Next will be my mail week update.


Jennifer said...

Hey! I tagged you to win the Liebster blog award, hope you have fun with it!

Almantina said...

I have already been tagged. I'm so lazy to do it :/

sammybongo said...

Wow I like the post cards a lot.