Tuesday, 12th day was lucky, not like 12th days generally, so I'm surprised.
Weather was fine from the morning, I also got mail, one of the letters were almost believed to be lost. Mail post is till coming up, this Friday, I will make it big.
Now about the trip. We went by train, the distance is too short for me to enjoy it enough, tho.
We went straight to the castle. I have never been inside before.

And inside there was some fun...tortures, does anyone like them? Well, my friend seemed to enjoy it.
Who wants to get locked in? Not me. I didn't try it, it's too awkward.
She found cages enjoyable too~

And then there's me.
What I love about castles are those bridges they can lift, just like in movies. So I wanted to take a picture there.

Wow, I actually can look great in a photo. And more like me, a loner and looking the way I wanted, can't blame me.
But my friend looks like  a princess waiting for someone to rescue her.
She talked me in to go down these stairs, there's so few of space. The photos, however came out the best that day, the only thing I dislike is the lamp. I mean, it's the castle, could you at least used the lantern to make it more authentic?

Lake apprecciation. They are everywhere around the small town.

Train appreciation. I have to do it.

And yes, I smile too, only when I'm really happy and that still comes out not wide enough. People with wide or gummy smiles, you are amazing.

I love anything that has wheels, especially if they are the size of a train. Unfortunately, I will never have this adorable thing.


WreckThisGirl said...

Wow it looks like a really awesome place! :) You're lucky to live near such a place.

By the way I got your letter today :) Thank you very much. I'll write my reply very soon. xx Fab

Almantina said...

Thanks, I hope you could visit it one day. oh, that was fast!

Caddi said...

Oh wow, I love castles! Lucky you to having gone there!
Take care!

shannah said...

Hey, lovely pics!

also, you have received a Leibster award from me! Click this like for details! morethanonedream.blogspot.com