Newest mail and books

First let's do a quick look through the last outgoing:
two more letters which I replied on Monday: to Bree in Malaysia.
And to Karolina in Czech republic.
Also, the postcards to Canada, Taiwan and Japan.

My incomming June 18-19th:
Teja, Slovenia.

 Great stamps.
Her letter and a train ticket. I wish I could collect them from various countries. Our tickets seem pretty boring.
From Melissa in USA nad her envelope that was letter itself.

Now I at least have the sakura stamps. So happy to get them.
I got a lotof greek stamps from a swap.

And also, two cards:
From my Finnish pal Tiia, who went to Bulgaria. I just love cards in interesting shapes.
And from a Chinese postcard pal.
 The Pamirs.

Love the stamps, they are new to me.

During this month I bought two more books, which means two more books started to read. I'll get them finished soon :)
Jude Deveraux "Lavender morning" dragged my attention by the cover, then I touched and felt how soft it is, never seen a book like it. The description seemed interesting and that's how I bought it. It hadn't dissapointed me.
And next was one of the books I already wanted - Audrey Niffenegger's "The time traveler's wife". It's a bit complicated to understand everything, but I hope I will.
Those who buy books, do you choose them before going to buy or like to go and search for "the one"? I have tried both ways and only once I was dissapointed by a book that I wanted to buy - that was "The horse whisperer". I didn't like it because I was anticipating for more attention to horses, not love story or maybe I was a bit younger and foolish, yet I gave the book away. I carefully choose books to buy, especially whne I see them for the first time. I like to "feel" which one will be good.


Bree said...

Ooo... I saw Vampire Knight papers!
(。◕‿◕。) Thank you so much love! ❤ Can't wait! <3

Lil' Kay said...

Your blog has changed :O Wow :D
And you've received and sent some great mail :3

Before I buy (order) a book I usually go to goodreads check my recommendations or go through the books my friends have read..
I need to like the synopsis as well before I buy it and if everything seems like I'll like it I'll buy it.. This way I've only been disappointed once :)

Tari said...

When I buy a book I always know in advance which one I want. Because:
1) There are books I impatiently wait for the releasing
2) I spend so much time in bookshops without the intention of buying anything that I have time to read the synopsis of many many books so I know which ones I'd like to buy and which not.

By the way, the new layout of your blog is cool! ;) And too bad I have a magnetic card for train otherwise I would have send you a train ticket for your collection (but be sure that if I can grab one some day, it'll be yours!)

Almantina said...

Goodreads had helped me as well while choosing :) There are ratings by others, their opinions.
Seems like everyone is more carful than me on my "go-search-buy" times :D