I can surprise myself too

Ok, what is that? That is not a novel, it's my longest letter I've written.
50 pages from 1st to last line. Started June 19, finished June 27th. Except for one day I wrote every day, even if just a little. Now I will miss this. And I feel envious of her, I would like to receive such letter myself :)


Lil' Kay said...

WHAT?????? O__O
50 PAGES?!?!?!?! SERIOUSLY??
Please don't send it just yet or I'll end up tearing my head off while waiting to open it!! :D

Curious Pyeonji said...

O______O OH - MY - GOD!!

Almantina said...

Ok, Lily, I'll spare you! <3 ^^
Hahaha, yes yes :) I like the reaction :D

Bree said...

Hey dear! You've just been tagged by me on the Liebster Blog Award! Hop on to my blog to know more! :)