My biggest update

Already half of the month has passed and it's time to go through all the mail I go during my exams before starting my letter replying party.
Prepare for loads of photos.
Two letters date back to the end of May.
One of them is from Karolina, Czech republic.
 Her always cute stationery.
 Stamps. The art one is so interesting.
 Some tea.
 Stamps to my collection.
Another FB.
And a card of Czech rocks. They always pop out in mind thinking about this country.
Next one was from Bree, Malaysia.

 The envie is always decorated nicely. And then there's nature-themed stamps.
Two photos of Malaysian dishes: dumplings and mooncakes.
My Norwegian pal Elisabeth sent me this postcard of the hotel she works in. It's a really gorgeous place.
Next day there were two packages. The first one is from Louise in UK. She added a notebook with her letter.
Another was from Silvia in Belgium.
 Leaflets from her city.
 Letter written in colorful pens and the chocolates she sent me. I loved them.
Letter from Eugenia, Russia:
Letter from Ana, Croatia. With Croatian lesson and tea. Vanilla one was gone at once.
Lily from Finland decided to surprise me with her package. I saw it on blog, but haven't thought it's for me. So the joy of seeing that the one with train stamps was adressed for me was huge.

 So much tea!
 Various postcards.
 small goodies.
And more stamps.
 Not sure how to describe this: you can "dress up" the frog with those clothes and write "from/to" on them. Deffinately cute.
 A ring with three horse heads, though first thing my friend saw was wolf heads...both ways seems fine to interpret. I never wore rings before, but I miss it when I take it off. (Lily, does that mean you proposed to me?:D)
I admit: never had that much nice stationery in my hands. These all pages are doubles too.
Then there's the letter. I love long letters and this one took me long to read. But I re-read it once again later, that's the magic of long letters - they make me want to read them more times.
Next was a letter from Norway, Anette.
 Oh look, a horse sticker <3
Next was a first reply from Caddi, Germany. I like the matching sticker and stamp.

Now it's finally this week and every day, except for Thursday, I got mail.
On Monday it was from USA and Germany.

This cute one from Shelby. Also a FB that has traveled through quite a few of my pals.
And adorable Marie's. Her handwriting is really tiny, I have never seen such before :)

 A stamp with a mailbox. It's adorable.
On Tuesday: from Canada and France.
Nicole's reply with her handmade envie.
 And a closer look to the horse stamps. That is rare.
Another one was from Tari. the letter we thought got lost. But here it is.

Postcard with a French lesson and..tea, of course.
On Wednesday it was from USA and Bulgaria.
This was the first letter from Hristiyana.
 Tha postcard is a map of Bulgaria and it shows the historical cities.
My pal Eve opened a shop in USA online and sent me her business card.
 And a loooong reply.

On Friday there was most: two letters and a package.
Letters from: Claudia, Poland. I haven't heard from her since January.
And Cristina, Moldova.
 The interesting envelope and stamp.

The package is from Lizzie who's been spoiling me all the time. All kinds of horse stuff!
A wristband and I would put even more of this stuff, the heavier the better.
 The huge package and two horse magazines already.
 3 more new posters.
Not sure where to use this. So far it's hanging on my bike.
 More adorable envies.
 A photo(?) book for horses. I'm guessing again.
Postcard from the land of candy...sorry that I don't have a Swedish keybord, but the title is on the card. I know that they make awesome candy which only Sweden has.
Talk about candy...~

Double-sided horse cards <3

Horse stickers~
The letter itself.
And lastly, Saturday.
Lily loves to make suprises to me and now I got this card from her. It's amazing, I have never seen anything before. Now I learnt the rules of tea brewing.
And Elisabeth's letter.
 I love it how my adress was sticked from these letters.
Cute cute cute~
stickers :3
This place...can I live there too? It's between the water and mountains, like it was at the edge of the world.
So this is all of my update from the exams and now I'm working on those replies. I'll update my replies here too. It's amazing if you actually survived throught the whole post of photo blabber.


Bree said...

WHoA~ An extremely big update! I enjoyed browsing through all the pictures. :3 Happy to know you've got my mail!

Lil' Kay said...

Haha :D Yeah, I letter proposed you ;DD
Good to hear that it was a nice surprise<3
I hope you didn't have to drink all of the tea I sent to you while reading my letter ;)

Almantina said...

Lily, I didn't. I had some nice cups, but that was from one tea bag only.