Newest update

Finally not bothered and wrote letters. One is going to be long and I'm still continuing it, but wrote a reply to Caddi in Germany.
And a short letter to an Ukrainian girl who I found on postcard exchange and she offered to write letetrs too. I felt like making and decorating an envie to her as well.

I was nicely surprised to find my drawings from 2010 summer when me and my friend were roleplaying with anime characters and OCs.
I like Lavi from D.Gray-man, because he's a redhead too. That girl is/was me, Almantina. I made her really cool though. Badass.
We also had Allen(me) and Lenalee(my friend) from this anime and Sebastian(my friend) from Kuroshitsuji and our own characters. It's so nostalgic to remember it now.


Curious Pyeonji said...

Why everybody loves redhead bishies?? XD

Almantina said...

I don't know, being redhead is different and attracting at the same time xD