Mail update

I'm late to update, but..here's the June 21-22 mail update.
One of them is from Marta, Poland. I got a new Polish stamp.

From my new pal Lucas, USA. His letter writing style is great, I can tell he had wrote novels, I'm sure this will be an interesting contact.

And from my new pal Carolyn, from Canada. Not bad for a first letter with many pages. The cards are amazing, I love Canada. And a leaflet of coffee? Why can't it be tea? Then I would want to win tea for whole year :D
I'm still catching up with my mail, already have 4 more replies ready to be sent. But there are interruptions and diturbers. One of those is this one. He and his claws and paws.


Lil' Kay said...

Aww :3 One of the cutest disturbers there is >3<

Vagirl said...

Surely you don't mind being disturbed by this cutey too much, do you? :)

Curious Pyeonji said...

I'll steal him! *w*

Tari said...

Wow, is it really a first letter Carolyn sent you? I've never received such a long first letter, although I'd love to!
Oh, and your cat is way too cute! <3