Happy Saturday

Of course, it's wonderful I got mail today, but now I don't know any more ail coming my way and I was expecting these two to come next week. Why am I nagging here?
I stayed at home, because I'm attending birthday party later today. The weather is just fine and if yesterday I fel apathetic then today I'm hyper. I have the energy of whole world.
I haven't heard from Ai-chan for a long while and I received this cute letter from her:
There were many cute stickers as well. Only apple one didn't want to be pictured.

Look at these cute little gifts:
Next letetr was from Tari. Like promised, her own made air mail envie <3
The stamp I was anticipating for so much. And now with horse and lighthouse stamps it's one of my biggest treasures.
And another stamp that looks so interesting.
The card, take a look at it, it has mail!<3
Tea, no comments needed :)
A birthday present is my new key buddy <3

And lastly, cute letter itself.
What else is good, that I'm finally having a good hair day again. This whole week it killed me with having no form.

I also have some fun stuff, letter related.
Letters in anime!
While watching I took some screencaps. The first one is from anime "Another", if I remember correctly and others from "InuxBoku SS" both aired in this Winter's season and I liked both.

 Tea and letters always goes well together.
 Decisions decisions...
 I would have taken the pink one, because I like those Asian type of envelopes and the color.
Have a nice weekend.

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Tari said...

I'm glad to see that my crocodile will follow you everywhere! ;)
Hope you liked everything :)