Let's ignore some words in my last post - the mail came later today :D

It was an unexpected card from Lily.
It explained a lot and I understand you, dear, I'll wait for your reply as long as you need to write it.

A 22 pages of a novel letter as a reply from Germany. It's so lovely and I'll have something to do in the upcomming days :)
There were some stickers too.

Look at the pack of 10 nice envies I found. Next time I'll get a different one which I liked as well.

I also changed some books in the library. One of them is Stephen King's "Pet cemetary", because someone advised it to me.
But I also found reader notes and I would have laughed out loud if I weren't inside the library.
Here's one, with some grammar mistakes and it's written by a boy obviously. He wrote: "Don't you ever dare to read this book. I'm serious. If you're only 16 years old you'll feel really bad and the world will seem so horrible to you...
by reader".
I already know how world can be horrible and I'm 20 so what the heck xDDD

The next one was written in Taurage, another Lithuania's city(I wonder how did it got there?). This fellow pissed me off with those mistakes, but I'll write as normal as possible in translation: "I don't read books, but I made myself read this. It makes you feel like you live through it too. He lost his mind[what?>_<].., but I felt really really bad. I read it in 4 days, I couldn't stop, I read 100 pages in a week, but these pages were reading themselves[stupid stupid grammar mistakes >_<] and I couldn't stop."
I hate this guy  xD
Now the book look even more interesting than before and can't wait to try it out :D
When I decided to take "Pride and Prejudice" non of the 3 usual books were there >_<
Most importantly, today I didn't felt like myself - not awkward, no problems in talking to people normally, I felt full of energy, while yesterday there was a WW 3 in my stomach. Strange things...

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