Great day of mail and not only

When I woke up mail was already delivered today. Here's what I got:
It's been a while since I last got a letter in a air mail envie.
The first one came from Taiwan, my postcard pal Rita.
Here are the stamps:

These sheets and cards are so cute. One is from the cafe. Taiwanese hieroglyphs look a lot like Chinese, I can't distinguish them :(

And finally, two amazing cards. I can't believe there are actually trees like that, I want to see them in reality one day. And take a look at the bridge and that hotel :-O
Next is another long reply from Louise :)
There were so many tiny stickers. I just love what she build from some.

So sweet :)
Yesterday I wrote first letter to new Lithuanian pal. She lives in a city which is about 100km from me, but that doesn't matter :D The love of letters and Korean band B2ST/BEAST unites us :)
here's only the envelope of it, already sealed.

And finished reply to Lizzie <3
There's a lot of Hello Kitty :D
Now one old thing, as Easter has passed, but I forgot to post it earlier. Decorated eggs I received from my godmother. I wonder is it done in any other countries too? I tried it in my childhood and it was too difficult for me back then, but well done ones look impressive.
Oh, I took the picture on Lizzie's letter xD
Today was warm and since I was in the neigborhood, I visited St.John's and Paul's church. I was curious is it THAT gorgeous inside like I heard and believe me, it is. My picture is too poor to show how really it is and I was just amazed.
It's a huge treasure of barocc culture in Vilnius and that's the reason I'm interested.

Have the great rest of the week!


Tari said...

Those decorated eggs are so lovely! I've never seen such in France, unfortunately :/
And an other letter in an air mail envie is on the way to you!

Lizzie H said...

Yay! Letter to me! The eggs are beautiful :) Most kids paint them in school and they have special tools for it. I've tried painting eggs but i'm so clumsy, they always break :_;
That church is beautiful! Seriously, churches must be the most beautiful buildings in the world..

Lil' Kay said...

I think they use Chinese in Taiwan as well since it is a Republic of China (R.O.C. Taiwan)(they use Cantonese Chinese in there if I haven't totally misunderstood..)

I wish I had received mail when I wake up but my mailman usually shows up around 2pm so I get mail when I come back home from school :/
I love the envelopes and stamps you got >3< I really love air mail envelopes but unfortunately those aren't really sold in Finland (or at least I can't seem to find any :<) CHERRY TREE/CHERRY BLOSSOMS POSTCARD<3 I'm jealous ;)

Good luck with your new Lithuanian penpal<3 I really hope you two will get along just fine :)
Wish I had the time to write but before that I have to finish 182374652732937849236 different school assignments by tomorrow/the beginning of next week D:

Love the pics of the eggs (we never make anything like that in Finland - at least I haven't) and the church is just beautiful<3

Have a great mail month<3 ;)

Almantina said...

Tari, I'm anticipating for that ^^
Lizzie, I'm a fellow clumsy too and I have no patience for small detailed things xD
Seriously, this one is the most beautiful building I have seen. I should go there just to stare at the ceiling and walls xD
Lily, hat's friggin crazy to write so many of assignments o.O I would try to avoid this tiresome life. Or deal with it automatically -_-
It really is, but you also have got a cherry blossom card I envy ;D We're even.