Thailand and Vilnius

The title speaks for today's post.
Thailand, because I received a postcard, my very first one from this country. My Japanese pal visited there and she promised to send me one. How sweet of her.
It shows the local market Amphawa which she visited.
My very first Thailand stamp ;_; And the only one so far.

And now Vilnius, my city which I love so I take pictures and post like it's the place I visited.

So, I only ate breakfast in the morning, then I've been through all the unexpected traffic jams, written a reply to a letter in university's library in one go and if that wasn't enough writing, I did Lexicology homework and continued my fan fiction(which is at the last chapter ;_;), after Lexicology went to get a package for Lizzie's letter and mailed it. Then I realized it's my unluckiest day, the 12th -_- Too much awkwardness today. Guys staring at me - what they want?? I look like a boy with my short hair, no one stared at me with long hair(nagg nagg nagg). And time to stroll around until my friend will finish her part-time job.

So I didn't found the book Isabel Abedi "Whisper" which I need for my collection(talking about books, I heard one woman saying that book is a treasure*nod nod* and that she and her husband has a library of 5000 books. Mine is about 200 now, part of them were my mom's.*cough*). Buuuut, I saw a cheap Yukio Mishima "Confessions of the mask" and bought it. I forgot what it's about so a chance to re-read.
 I had to spent some of the time on the riverbank writing(still not enough for me today) and finally met my friend. Now I felt hungry(how many hours have passed since breakfast?o.O).
Here's a random pic where Gediminas castle can be seen.

We decided to go on it today. Good weather and so on.
And the pictures from there. Why the hills are so tall? It's hard to climb.

The wind was crazy there o.O
Ok, one more day to go~


Lil' Kay said...

Oh god I want to travel to Vilnius!! The city seems really interesting :3
Too bad you had your unluckiest day today, I hope everything went quite okay in the end and that Lizzie will receive her package :)

Almantina said...

Come come ;D
It's always my unlucky day. tomorrow will be the best!<3