Should have posted this earlier

Previous week I got mail only twice, I'm sure it's because of Easter period and there are letters heading my way so I'm waiting for them this week.
Second letter I got last week was from Sri Lanka, with a belated birthday gift.

The last one is my favorite stamp :)
Oh yes, Thursday was just "adorable", if it can be for April.

There are more good news. I finished decorating the tea box I got for my birthday. As you can see it's non-pro at all, at least it has some better look now.
 Fan is inside the box.

 Wrote tea in Japanese.

One day, I promise to myself, to get wax and apply it so it would shine and fix the colors. It's so like me, being an Aries, to not be able to finish the work at once. How troublesome.
And finally, latest stamps I bought: Europe, non-Europe and Lithuania.


Lil' Kay said...

I've been waiting to read from you :D
The tea box is gorgeous! :D I wish I had the time to buy a box for those and start decorating it but too bad school takes almost all of my free time (which I don't spend with letters or online ;))
LOVE the stamps and I'm a bit jealous :D Haven't gotten any new stamps in a while and most of the letters I've finished are still waiting to be posted so I bet I won't be getting any mail for a while :) Hopefully your mail week will be a lot better!!

Lizzie H said...

You made that tea box yourself? Wow! I seriously thought it was in the "shabby chic" style. It's so well made :)

Anonymous said...

The tea box is lovely!

Almantina said...

Lily, you're serious? I haven't posted that much though, more pictures than text xD
It doesn't take much time to decoupage something ^^
Too bad, hopefully you'll get back on track with mail soon. And stamps. So far I don't have new ones to share.
Lizzie, I just decoupaged it, I'm not that good to make one myself.
Aida, thank you!

Lil' Kay said...

Yeah :D I LOVE seeing a new blog post from you :D One of my favourite blogs nowadays ;D

Almantina said...

OMO, thank you thank you <3