On rainy days

Choose the title of the song today, because it's raining. And it's Friday 13th - the best thing :)
Of course, it wouldn't be best without mail and luckily, I have that even though I thought that I won't get anything. But inside my mailbox was a belated Easter card from Lizzie and a notice of package from Israel(and I just thought when will she reply me).

 I love these stamps. Chickens are one of the best farm animals, I own a bunch of them.
 The package got damaged...
...because there were few tea boxes inside. Can't wait to try it!
Overall, this week of mail was good :) I'll post a couple of letters tomorrow again.


Lil' Kay said...

You clearly had a better day than I did as well as a better mail week :D
I hope you'll have a great mail week next week as well! ^^
Have a great weekend! :) x

Lizzie H said...

The post office here must have been busy, seeing as i sent that about a week ago XD

Almantina said...

Oh thank you, I hope so too and I wish you the same, Lily!
It was Easter period after all ;D But it really surprised me ^^

Aida Yusof said...

Oh! It's surely good to have a cup of tea during raining days ;)