On Sunday I went to the city and I was expecting to buy some beautiful postcards in a flee market. Unfortunatelly, the saler didn't arrived and I didn't know wether I should walk in circles like stupid, waiitng for her, or just go home and cure my sore throat(which I didn't accomplish any way), but then I notice a stall in the shopping mall, few levels down and went there. There were many postcards in varying prices too; all kinds of flags( I have pen pals who have asked me for a Lithuanian flag) and some souvenirs. But with my wallet half empty I was lucky to find really cheap postcards and I picked few of tyhem for those who I had promise to send to. another interesting thin was really old postcards, from the Soviet union age. they were almost for free. I found 3 postcards(two identic) from my beloved little Birstonas, where I saw two buildings how they looked at 1985. One of them back then was just being built and now is being renovated. Another is an old sanatorium, now it's only ruins of a pretty place which was taken good care of and had custumors. But this postcard will be a memory forever.
The views of the Vilnius were good as well and I took a picture to remember what I bough.


Lizzie H said...

Beautiful postcards! I especially like th eone with the firework, haha :)

elle.mental said...

Hi! I found your blog through someone who follows my
I will be glad to write to you and will send you my newest mailart mailout. It is nice to meet new people who enjoy writing letters!See you in the mail!! elle

Almantina said...

yuuup, the sky looks amazing there. maybe I could get one for you as well :)---> Lizzie

Elle, thank you so much, I'm really looking forward to it :)