Letters, finally!

This week was sad. At first I only got few postcards from Postcrossing project and finally glory Friday came and a letter from a friend from Norway. Along with another postcard and a letter from my book club I belong in. That was some good news. Today is a lucky Saturday ^^ two leters and they made my day. Joyce has finally sent the letter she forgot at school for a whole summer! ok, at least it came finally. and another letter was from Muthumali, she is from Sri Lanka. Her letter didn't seemed huge or anything and I didn't even thought that there might be so many stuff inside.
There are a lot of handmade things and it also gave me idea of making bookmarks for my friends. I just need a stronger paper and...voila! I can make these cute gifts for those who loves to read a lot like me.
Talk about weather..it's awful. Sky looks like it's about to rain any moment and these dark clouds just keep on passing one after another. Oh yeah, it's raining...
I just made a picture of that cute stationery I got from Lily, my Finnish pen pal. you know, I still have some of it! I promised to use it for a better time.
Also, yesterday a friend showed me amazing page called weheartit.com and there imade an account and found so many amazing pictures and just can't get enough of hearting it.
I found this too
These are those mega cute Sanrio characters and I finally chose which ones I like most. Now I need a San-x character list like this.
When I saw those shops in Japan, who are full of these goodies, I was once again drooling like a flood(xD) and dreaming of how would I got there and want to have everything. I also have wishes to make something my own, like a little plushie. I don't have real artistic hands and if I could only get my hands on some material, I would figure out what can I do. If I start now, that wouldn't be too late to make for Christmas, isn't it?


Lizzie H said...

You get mail on Saturdays too? :o Man, now i'm envious >.<
Also, i got paper today from my aunt so i can FINALLY start writing letters again, you have no idea how much i missed writing letters, hopefully yours will be sent in a few days :)

Almantina said...

I do :p only Sundays are day without mail >.<
yay!!!! I'm looking forward to it